Here, I just wanted to put down a few of the questions that I get asked the most. Did I miss anything else important? Let me know!

What photography gear do you use?

In a word: Nikon, Nikon, Nikon.

I was raised surrounded by my father's nikon photography. although there is a fair but of legacy that comes into that, i have found the nikon full frame bodies to be some of the best

Which camera would you recommend for a beginner?

Somebody who is starting out in their journey in photography doesn't need to get a full size, professional body straight away: they need to get to start shooting with, but with great image quality. Start with a Nikon D5500 and the kit lens that comes with and add the NIKKOR AF-S 35mm f1.8

Do you sell Lightroom presets?

I made a preset that I gave away for a flash 48 hour giveaway once upon a time. No plans for any other presets until then!

What gear do you love and depend on out in Iceland?

When I am outside and exposed to the elements all day, I have a few pieces of gear, clothing or equipment that I depend upon constantly.  I love Belstaff, Amundsen Sports, Fjallraven, Icebreaker and Patagonia.