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I provide:

  • Use of drone as an optional add-on
  • Hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • Insurance
  • Plenty of hidden gems
  • Photography tuition
  • Image analysis
  • Interested in Instagram? I can help you with that!
  • Ice cream (just go with it)

Possible locations in iceland:

  • The Highlands: Iceland with the lid off
  • Meet Arctic Foxes!
  • See the Midnight Sun in an epic location
  • Go into the Valley carved by glaciers: Thorsmork
  • The Snæfellsnes Peninsula: Intimacy with the ocean
  • The spectacle of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) between August and April.


     you bring to iceland:

    • Warm and waterproof clothing
    • Something RED (optional)
    • Something YELLOW (optional)
    • A camera
    • Whatever camera gear you have
    • A tripod (a plus)
    • Hiking boots

    tips for iceland:

    • Average time is 8-10 hours, but can go on for longer
    • The best camera in the world is the one in your pocket, bring what you have and we will work with that!
    • Bring your adventurous spirit!


          where and what you would like to go and shoot in iceland?

          Inspiration below!

          Couples, Engagements, proposals & Weddings

          If you and your partner are looking to celebrate a special occasion, or quite simply want some beautiful pictures from your time in Iceland, you have come to the right place!

          These kinds of shoots are different flom regular tours in that they require post production work. all projects are custom and catered for.

          northern lights

          Watch the lights dance across the sky on a clear fall or  winter night in a secluded spot! 

          Northern lights near Reykjavik


          fantastic mr.arctic fox

          The Arctic fox is the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland, having migrated thousands of years ago over sea ice

          This journey takes us to Volcano Huts in Thorsmork, where it is possible to meet and get within close proximity to some arctic foxes.THere is also the opportunity to hike in the local area (where are in Thorsmork, after all) and catch some quite breathtaking  nature. 

          the highlands

          iceland with the lid off.

          The interior, high plateau of land known as the "highlands" is some of the most geologically diverse, vibrantly colourful, barren, desolate wilderness you will ever encounter.

          midnight sun (late night to early morning)

          Marvel at the long, gentle light.

          Summer is the time of seemingly endless light, and for a period of around two months, it never gets completely dark

          The light during this time has a remarkable quality to it. The sky and landscape are awash with incredible colours.

          It's a remarkable thing no experience, and is one of my favourite things about living here in iceland.

            snaefellsnes peninsula

            Pure connection with the wild Icelandic coast.

            The snaefellsnes peninsula, visible from the capital on a clear day, is marked by it's closeness tothe coast line; the raging sea is everywhere.

            here you will find  a wealth of landscape  features; canyons, stacks, arches, lighthouses and a ruggeh coastline.


            Ford your way into a valley of wonders

            Tucked away behind a mountain range, two volcanoes and two glaciers is Thorsmork, a remarkable glacier river valley, sourrounded by a system of canyons.

            This journey we see us  coming off the beaten path, through plenty of rivers as we ford through by land rover defender.

            Thorsmork is easily one of the most remarkable places in Iceland

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