Have you ever experienced never-ending light? Its quite a trip; imagine, it's 2 o' clock in the morning, and its bright outside. Not just any kind of bright, either: the softest, most gorgeous orange and magenta light diffuses through the night. Are you seeing the photography potential? We are willing to bet that you can! Keep scrolling.


Shoot. edit. print: A different

kind of workshop

Have you ever been on a workshop where you left with A3 print of your own work? We suspect not. That's because a lot of photo workshops are led by "fly-in" instructors.

We, as permanent specialists in photographing iceland have all of the physical infrastructure needed to pull off a different kind of workshop.

 A3 print: 11 x 16 inch, trimmed and ready to go.

A3 print: 11 x 16 inch, trimmed and ready to go.

Here, you get to experience the entire photographic process from start to finish: shooting, editing and then printing your work! Its an amazing feeling to hold something real in your hands, something that you yourself have created. 

Everyone who comes on the workshop goes home with an A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inch) print, printed at my personal studio on a professional photo printer and on high quality paper.  You will get a hard tube as well so you can transport it safely back home with you. 

 Puffin n a cliff face

Puffin n a cliff face

 Gunnar with his Rolleiflex

Gunnar with his Rolleiflex

 Mountains, canyons and volcanoes

Mountains, canyons and volcanoes

 Icelandic horse in the pouring rain.

Icelandic horse in the pouring rain.

Iceland: The Playground of light

This is a workshop in honour of the glorious midnight summer light within which Iceland is bathed. Just as Iceland is bathed in glorious, never-ending light, we will be too. This will be a journey through dramatic landscapes, soaring peaks, majestic glaciers and lonely islands. Unbelievable views over the Highlands await!

 Arctic Fox with the Land Rover

Arctic Fox with the Land Rover

 Contemplating the meaning of it all.

Contemplating the meaning of it all.

our Destinations in iceland

Retkjavik, the capital.

Our meeting place.

The Space: Start and end 

The Space is Joe and Gunnar's latest project, conceived and actualised very recently. This will be the inaugural workshop for the Space, and we are unbelievable stoked to get things under way. The Space will serve as our base not just for the beginning of the workshop, but also for the whole of the last day, where we will have an intensive edit-to-print session.

 Joe sitting in The Space, his and Gunnar's studio, office and co-working space. 

Joe sitting in The Space, his and Gunnar's studio, office and co-working space. 

 Puffin in mid-flight. Quite a challenge.

Puffin in mid-flight. Quite a challenge.

Yes, everybody leaves this workshop with a print: an A3 print of a photo that you have shot and edited during the workshop. The only hard part is going to be choosing in amongst the hundreds of bangers you'll have from 4 days on the road with us!

thorsmork: Thor's Woods

A valley, carved by glaciers, wrought by volcanoes and shaped by light, Thorsmork is a Highland oasis hidden behind two great glaciers and volcanos, including Eyfjallajökull, of 2010 eruption infamy. Canyons, waterfalls, peaks and immense networks of glacial rivers await in this highland wonderland. 

This is without a shadow of a doubt some of the greatest hiking in the world. Add this dramatic, ever-changing landscape the eternal light of the midnight sun, and you have a match made in heaven.

Vestmannaeyjar: Islands of Wonder

An archipelago, forced up from the North Atlantic; a volcanic landscape with towering cliffs, raging coastline, active volcanoes and of course Icelands famous Puffins. 

Watch the sun rise on the eastern side of the island, and then set on the western side. The Westman Islands are a photographic wonderland, and it will be ours for the taking. Our journey on the ferry to the Westman Islands will mark the second part of the workshop, and we will make our way out of Thorsmork and a short drive to the ferry port from the mouth of The Valley.

Who are you?

 Solstaðir  is open to 12  photography enthusiasts, where we will focus on capturing the immense landscapes as well as dramatic, situational portraiture that surround us in here in these remarkable locations.

We will be providing a very small group experience. With three instructors, our ratio of 1:4 is very low. This means that we will be able to focus our attention and expertise on technique and locations, thereby making sure that our participants get the right shots.

The shots that you came out here to get

Solstadir Iceland Summer Photography workshop

Your photography team

joe shutter


A Londoner by birth, Joe originally came to Iceland in for University, without really knowing what he was getting himself in for. He then discovered Iceland's remarkable landscape, and developed very curious eyes. Through the lens and many years of exploration all over Iceland, Joe connected with the landscape in a profound way, and seeks to show others this remarkable land.

Icelandic explorer

Gunnar is acting as a special guest on this workshop, where he will be with us on the first and last day, sharing his expertise, editing and printing skills.  Icelandic by birth but raised in Denmark, Gunnar threw in the towel on the corporate life in Denmark to pursue his dream of being a photographer. Two years later, he has resolutely achieved that dream, embarking on a life-long mission, exploring Iceland ever since. He places adventure at the heart of his lifestyle, and his expertise will be invaluable over the coarse of the workshop.

Charlotte Little Wolf

Charlotte Little Wolf Photographer Solstadir Iceland Midnight Sun Photography Workshop

Coming straight out of the Pacific North West, Charlotte is a British/American Photographer that has been blazing her way through the world of photography and social media for years. She is enormously talented and will bring some fresh eyes to the landscape with on this workshop.  She's a seriously rad chick that loves hiking, climbing, tattoos, toast & feathers as some of her favourite things. Certainly an incredible co-host! 

On the Edge


  • Valanhúkur
  • Hvannágil
  • Gigjökull
  • Stakkholtsgjá
  • Eldfell (Westman Islands)
  • Tonnes of other sweet secret spots 


  • Dates: July 17th-21nd 2018
  • Price: €3499
  • Places: 8 
  • 10% of profits going to the Arctic Fox Center in the Westfjords, a center dedicated to the education and preservation of the Arctic Fox, Iceland's only native terrestrial land mammal.

    What's included?

    • Breakfast on day 1 through to day 5
    • Lunch at The Space on Day 5
    • Group feast at a specialty restaurant in the Westman Islands
    • All Accommodation (shared hotel accommodation in the Westman Islands and south coast)
    • Transport throughout the entire workshop, mainland and on the Islands.
    • Return ferry journey to- and from- the Westman Islands.
    • Side Zodiac Excursion with local tour operator
    • Photography tuition 
      • Landscape
      • Dramatic/situational portraiture
      • Wildlife Photography (Puffins, Arctic Foxes, sheep and Icelandic Horses) 
    • Image & exposure analysis in-the-field, as-we-shoot
    • Editing and post-production workflow advice from beginning to end
    • Social media advice, assistance and strategizing.
    • Ice cream, where logistics permit
    • Access to the hidden gems of Iceland.

      Whats not included?

      • Your flights to- and from- Iceland
      • Provision of photography equipment
      • Miscellaneous gear that you might need for the workshop
        • Make sure you are well-equipped for the Icelandic climate, it can be very temperamental. See below for more queries and questions
      • Lunch and dinner
      Joe Shutter on his Land Rover Defender



      Day 1

      • Meet at The Space
      • We will get a nice breakfast and a group chat where we will get to know each other before we hit the road and discuss some important photography fundamentals before setting off. 
      • Head for the Westman Islands.
      • Smash out some bangers on the ferry on the way there. 
      • Puffins, Puffins. Puffins!
      • Evening editing session and tutorial

      Day 2

      • Sunrise hike up to the famous Eldfell, of 1973 eruption infamy.
      • Incredible Zodiac excursion around some of the outer islands
      • Epic sunset views over the glaciers and down the Islands. 
      • Basking in the glory of the remarkable summer light

      Day 3

      • Head to the ferry  for our journey back to the mainland.
      • Sea crossing to the mainland.
      • Head into Thorsmork, and amazing network of canyons carved out by glaciers and rivers. 
      • Glorious views up and down the glaciers and canyons. 
      • Evening editing session and tutorial

      Day 4

      • Head back to Reykjavik along the south coast route, with a difference. 
      • Our route follows a lesser known scenic route - including some epic photography stops.

      Day 5 

      • Wake up near reykjavik and head into the city in the morning as we prepare for a solid editing and print tutotrial
      • Focussed talk by our special guest Icelandic Explorer
      • Everyone gets an A3 print to take home in a hard tube with them!
      Solstadir Midnight Sun Iceland Summer Photography Workshop

      Some Questions, answered...

      • What level of photography do we require?

        • We welcome all levels of photography expertise. What we want to see is that you love photography, want to learn more, push it, take it to the next level, and take in the atmosphere and experience of working with other creatives in an epic context.
      • How fit do I need to be?

        • Since there we be some hiking and some moderately inclined ascents up to some of the peaks in Thorsmork, we advise a good level of fitness in order to participate in the workshop.
      • Should I bring a drone?

        • If you have one, absolutely! If you don't, consider getting one! Iceland is a fantastic location to drone, especially through the valleys and around the Ilands!
      • How much camera gear can I bring?

        • Bring what you have. In general, consider bringing a range of focal lengths: wide-angle (e.g, 24mm) standard (e.g, 50mm) and a telephoto (e.g, 85mm or above). Having said that, a large part of the workshop will be about making the most out of the equipment that you already have, and making the most out of that.
        • DSLR recomended.
        • Remote trigger.
        • Neutral Density filter (5/10 stop).
      • What other equipment do I need no bring?

        • Good, sturdy, ankle-or-above hiking boots.
        • Waterproof coat (GORE-TEX or similar).
        • Base layer.
        • Mid-layer.
        • Backpack to carry your gear and other things you might need during the day.
      • What and where will we eat?

        • Breakfast at our accommodations along the way and then along the way, as we go.
        • In the Westman Islands, we will sample a range of local staples and delicacies and have group feast at a specialty restaurant
      • I'm a vegetarian, what should I do?

        • Let us know! I't won't be a problem at all, but it is something that we need to know in advance.
      • Will I see the Northern Lights?

        • The Northern Lights last from mid-august to early April. In the Icelandic summer time, it is simply not dark enough to see the northern lights, there is too much light! Strictly speaking, they ARE there, but we cannot see them.
      • How will the weather be?

        • The Icelandic climate varies considerably, an a season-to-seasonand a year-to-year basis. Having said that, the temperatures will range betweenfrom 5-12 celcius throughout the day and nights. Wind and precipitation is to be expected.

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