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What makes photography a strange invention - one with unforseeable consequences - is that
its primary raw materials are light and time.
— John Berger and Jean Mohr - Another Way of Telling

Iceland: playground of light

This is a meaningful thing to say; in a given view, the light in Iceland can change within the second. And so it was that one glorious day some time ago, I traded in the blandness of the London life (wonderful though it is) for a life of multi-directional wind & rain, long blue light, midnight sun, highlands, mountains, volcanos, glaciers and canyons and of course waterfalls.

Fill out the form below  and reach out if you want to get to some incredible spots and grab some awesome pictures in Iceland!

These are the sub-Arctic conditions in which I thrive and the inspiration that I need, to drive (literally and figuratively) a life of adventure in Iceland. The vehicle of choice for my adventures is my Land Rover Defender: The Landy. The Beast. My trusty Steed.

Joe Shutter in Iceland. standing on the Landy.

I love to take photos, and I love to take people out with me in the Landy on my adventures. I invite you to join me on my journey, at least for a time, and share in the wonder of this remarkable and wild land. Iceland.

I write about my mishaps and adventures around Iceland, as well covering other areas and issues relating to photograpahy, social media and travel. Check out the blog for my latest writings!

 Joe Shutter  Reykjavik, Iceland

Joe Shutter

Reykjavik, Iceland

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