A life in the playground of light

A life in the cold is filled with chills and thrills. Land and climate collide, morph and evolve together in epic cycles. The complexity and the fragility of this land demand a closer look.

Photographic commissions and projects of all kinds keep Joe immersed in the wild lands of Iceland, guiding and teaching others as well as searching (for) himself. Joe uses social media to share his understandings and viewpoints from a life in the cold: a perspective that is coming increasingly in focus in the context of climate change.

Joe Shutter: FaQ

Where did joe come from?

British/Brazilian by birth, and Londoner born-and-raised, one glorious day some time ago Joe traded in the London life (wonderful though it was) for a life of multi-directional wind & rain, long blue light, midnight sun, highlands, mountains, volcanos, glaciers and canyons and of course waterfalls.

What does joe shutter do, exactly?

Although Joe Shutter may appear elusive, what Joe Shutter does is actually pretty straightforward. He is usually doing one of three things: Taking pictures for himself, taking pictures for some fine folks out there who like what he does or he is teaching others to take pictures by taking them out in the field on one of his photography tours, workshops and expeditions in Iceland and Greenland.

Who and what has inspired joe shutter?

Joe Shutter has spent much of his life surrounded by beautiful photography. Through his photography, Joe Shutter increasingly seeks to raise awareness of and take action against the scourge of climate change and environmental destruction. His biggest sources of inspiration come form his father Anthony Hall, who produced pioneering imagery of South America in the 1970s and 1980s and a host of brilliant conscious, activist Photographers such as Paul Nicklen and SebastiĆ£o Salgado who have made meaningful contributions to the craft of photography but also draw eyes to the plight of the planet.

What photography gear does joe shutter use?

Joe was raised surrounded by his father's photography from all over South America. Although there is a fair but of legacy that comes into that, Joe has found the Nikon full frame bodies to be some of the best and dependable gear that has never failed him. Joe uses Nikon Full Frame mirrored and Mirrorless cameras.