Hunting for the Fire in the Sky

Oftentimes, when one sees photographs of the aurora borealis, one sees the most spectacular, beautiful images. However, the reality of the aurora e pertinence is somewhat difficulty, in my 2 or so years in Iceland, I've seen the most spectacular auroras only twice. The more moderate displays don't make them any less beautiful, and they do show the range of the experience possible, under different conditions. 

This night in late October was one such day: after an insta-meet with @rezzzzzzz_photo and @rockscissorstaper , the results below were the highlights of our adventure. It was an all-nighter of cloud chasing and long exposures, taking us two hours away from Reykjavik all the way up to the snæfulsnes peninsula. Check out their Instagram handles. They are both excellent photographers.

With that, I shall stop.

Thanks for stopping by,

Joe Shutter