From The Show Shutter to Joe Shutter

This is my first post under my new identity. The need for a change in branding stems from a a spread in my photographic interests over the course of the summer. The Show Shutter was all about shows; with the outlets for my music photography, a wen magazine that I regularly shoot for,  and the newspaper that I publish with weekly,

Joe Shutter focuses on my non-music exploits: the exploration of the country in which I live, Iceland, as well as any other travels I can undertake, given half a chance. It's my take on Iceland, what I get up to and, how get around, who I got around with and maybe same mention of the gear that I use to capture it all.


New concept

New concept

Tools of the trade:  Nikon D750 with AF-DC Nikkor 135mm f:2.0  

Tools of the trade: Nikon D750 with AF-DC Nikkor 135mm f:2.0  

With that, I shall stop.

Welcome to Joe Shutter