High lands


 For those that may be tuning in for the first time, I am Joe shutter: a blogger and photographer based in Iceland.

I pass on what I learn out here through my  tailor-made photo workshops and tutorials. They can be as long or as short as my clients need them to be, and I always go the extra ten miles (or ten hours) to get the shots and get off the beaten track wherever possible. 

If you are interested in a photo workshop/tutorial in Iceland, pleas contact me through my email ( joeshutter101@gmail.com ) or through my Instagram handle @joe_shutter .


So there I was, minding my own business one polite afternoon, when I get a spontaneous message from an Instagrammer with whom I had recently been speaking, @bensimonehn. It went something like this: Lets go somewhere cool, alright then!

And off we went: Before we knew it, we are up in the highlands at near freezing temperatures (its supposed to be summer) and negotiating flash hail storms.  So in between car breaks when we put some life back into our extremities, we grabbed some shots until it got too dark. Here are the results of that escapade

Photography by Joe Shutter and Ben Simon

For your enjoyment,

Joe Shutter

From The Show Shutter to Joe Shutter

This is my first post under my new identity. The need for a change in branding stems from a a spread in my photographic interests over the course of the summer. The Show Shutter was all about shows; with the outlets for my music photography, a wen magazine that I regularly shoot for, www.albumm.is  and the newspaper that I publish with weekly, www.ske.is

Joe Shutter focuses on my non-music exploits: the exploration of the country in which I live, Iceland, as well as any other travels I can undertake, given half a chance. It's my take on Iceland, what I get up to and, how get around, who I got around with and maybe same mention of the gear that I use to capture it all.


New concept

New concept

Tools of the trade:  Nikon D750 with AF-DC Nikkor 135mm f:2.0  

Tools of the trade: Nikon D750 with AF-DC Nikkor 135mm f:2.0  

With that, I shall stop.

Welcome to Joe Shutter