Sonar Reykjavik: Day 1

Im taking a break from my regular blogging about my trips around Iceland, and Im going back to my photography roots: live concerts and music festivals.

Last weekend, Sonar Reykjavik come back into town for the fourth time, and the newspaper SKE had me down there to cover the action as well Sonar official.  

The clear highlight of the night for me was Reykjavikudætur, a 19-member all-woman outfit that fill the stage with energy and anger, the good kind. Spetacular as well was the  "All Inclusive" contemporary dance performance. I also caught Icelandic regulars Vök who are always great, as was DJ Julia Ruslanova.

I confess that coverage of day 1 was slightly limited due to being struck down with the common cold towards the later stages of the night. I opted for an early night in order that the second night could be more fruitful photography-wise.

Here are the fruits of my efforts from Day 1: Click on images to see larger versions

Photography by Joe Shutter

For your enjoyment,

Joe Shutter