The Road East

As We continued East, we had every intention of grabbing that iconic shot at Stokksnes, you know, the with the monuds of grass and earth in the foreground and the mountain range in the background? Nope. we missed it altogether. Instead, we got up close and personal with the mountain,

The shots are in chronological order, and you can see how everything becomes more blue as the light fades. On the other side of the tunnel, we found still pools of water and beautiful reflections. And a rock, which i climbed.

The road east takes us comfortably into the East Fjords, where we settle down for the night in a repurposed church. It was very cold in the church,  but the keeper was able to heat it enough in the hour before we arrived. We collected our thoughts in the evening and signed the guest book, exhausted and delighted.

Photography by Joe shutter and

For your enjoyment, 

Joe Shutter

Living On The Golden Edge

The sea cliff Dyrhóleay at this time of year was truly magnificent, with the low sun setting in the perfect location for some dramatic, golden raking light across the cliffs. The sparkling glacier in the background adds to the magic.

A dramatic high five was the celebration of choice.

Photography by Joe Shutter and Rock Scissors Taper

For your enjoyment, 

Joe Shutter

Weight of Water, Wet and Windy

Its only 500 meters from Seljalandsfoss, but Gljufarfoss exists in a warld of its own. It’s a small waterfall that falls into a cave. Open at the top, as the water falls, air is drawn down. This means windy. And wet. And wet and windy.

Shooting in here is a nightmare: you have exactly three seconds from a dry to a wet lens. Take tissues. You will got wet too, if you visit. Take a weather sealed camera or put it inside some kind of waterproof bag.

Poor Frank got soaked to the bone, it even got into his shoes! My (self) waxed leather Belstaff kept me dry on top, the car seat warmer taking care of the rest. It was totally worth it

Here are the shots.

Photography by Joe Shutter and Rock Scissors Taper

For your enjoyment,

Joe Shutter